Sick <> TVDB API Down?

Hi i’m getting constant UPDATE::Unable to contact TheTVDB, aborting errors, is the connection down?

My South Park still doesnt see the 25th season :frowning: ,
Cant add now shows

My system:

SR Version: 10.0.50
SR Install Type: SYNOLOGY DSM 7.0.1
Tornado Version: 6.1
Python Version: 3.8.12

2022-02-05 20:12:52 SHOWQUEUE-M0BLUQ1O1W-UPDATE::Unable to contact TheTVDB, aborting:
2022-02-05 20:12:48 SHOWQUEUE-3H3U62P641-UPDATE::Unable to contact TheTVDB, aborting:

Any way I can debug why my server can’t reach tvdb at all? I’m still getting that error message all the time. This started when I’ve upgraded from .35 to .50

I don’t see that you have any language selected either, could be you need to restore a backup?

To be more precise:
I started where everything was working good, on DSM6.1 . I made a SR backup, removed it, removed python 3.6 , upgraded DSM from 6.1 to 7.0.1 ,
reinstalled Python & Git from community , install SR from SR DSM 7 Repo , restored backup - and that’s the current situation.
I was thinking maybe some setting is blocking SR from accessing to internet: Because Announcements and Change Log pages are blank (see screenshot) , in Providers Status EVERYTHING is listed Offline But The firewall in Syn is OFF

You are correct about the language! Also in Config - General - Default Series Provider Language , when I click the down arrow -nothing shows! see screenshot.

Any idea?

In a browser, what happens when you go to and what happens when you go to

Attached per you diagnosis:

under settings -> general -> advanced do you have SR API enabled?

You were right, the API was off!
Upon turning on, this error appeared in Errors:

2022-02-10 18:44:12 CORE::AttributeError(“can’t set attribute”)

After restarting the service that seems to solve it, now tvdb is alive again!

Thanks!!! Can close this issue :smile:

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Thanks for confirming this, SR has become more tied to utilizing our API for core functionality, I’ll need to go over the code and remove the ability to disable the API entirely, but allow for disabling features of it instead to avoid this headache for others.