Shows won't update!

Hi all! I’ve been using SR for 2 years now i think, and until now I managed to solve all the problems on my own. I’ve used the old version.
Few weeks ago, after heavy consideration, i’ve updated to the new version with the windows installer. I was sure they’ll be problems, but went for it. It worked after few hours’ work.

Few weeks ago, mid April, SR stopped updating shows. It didn’t “know” about new episodes, seasons etc. It entirely missed Got 8 :grimacing:

I’ve spent 2 hours of uninstalling everything and reinstalling v 9.4.84 (excruciating process btw), and recovered from backup, and still it won’t update. When I hit “Full Update” it will refresh some episodes and will not pass the stage of “This show is being refreshed”.

On server status page, all shows are stuck on In Progress: False (See screenshot).
This error appeared at some point but it disappeared at error persists :
" SHOWQUEUE-FORCE-UPDATE::Error loading IMDb info for theTVDB: " which lead me to this thread which was unhelpful : Error loading IMDb info for theTVDB

There is nothing on Warnings log the relates this problem (see SS). Restarting the service helps with half a refresh, of 1 show, and gets stuck again.

If i’m posting here then i’m really desperate. please help!!! :worried:


Anyone? have any idea?