This is a request I had on the old forum and I think it may be implemented but I can’t seem to find the option. Sometimes episode failure detection doesn’t work so I have to go every so often and check what’s stuck on ‘snatched’ status. Can this be automated so after X hours if the download didn’t complete, it’s set to failed?



Yes this was implemented a while back and the feature/option can be found under search clients called Enable failed snatch handling


I must be blind, I cannot find it. I’m wondering now, am I using the wrong repo?

My two options for failed handling are:

Use Failed Downloads

use Failed Download Handling?

will only work with snatched/downloaded episodes after enabling this

Delete Failed

delete files left over from a failed download?

note: this only works if Use Failed Downloads is enabled.


Yup looks like you’re on the wrong repo, correct official version is over at