Search Provider API Key Disappears

On Synology DSM, version 10.0.7-32 I’m having an issue with my search provider. I started seeing warnings in the log that my API key was incorrect. When I checked the options, the API key was missing. I entered the API key and saved the configuration but the API key is always removed and left blank.

For which provider ?

The provider is DOGnzb

Found the issue, fixed the issue, pushed the fix to develop branch

Nice! I’ll wait for the update to push through to my Synology.

The update is pushed, please confirm resolved

Looks good! Thank you for your efforts.

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Good day I’ve just installed the 10.0.45-94 on DSM 7.0 synology.
The API keys that I enter will disappear after the page is reloaded. When I save the keys are there.
But when I leave the page and open it again the keys are gone. And in the log it can be found that the API keys are missing.
The sites are and


@hans I’ll take a look into this later today and get back to you with my findings, thanks!

Hello Echel0n,

Have youy got any idea how to fix the problem?


I haven’t had time to fix it yet, been busy with my day job and kids, I’ll get to it this weekend it looks like.

Hello Eche0n,

Did you have the time to look @ the problem?
Is there another way to solve the problem?



I had some time to investigate further and think I located the problem, will work a solution out later today.

OK, if you add the custom nzb provider then save, refresh the page, then go to “provider options” and set the api key, save again, it should stick, its a temp fix till I get this resolved.

still working on the fix for this but I did find the issue, will hopefully have this done by today, kids permitting :slight_smile:

Thank you for that update. It worked perfectly.
Finaly the program retained the API keys.

Thank you again for the sollution…


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Fix for this has now been pushed to repo

Having this issue on Windows 10 when adding a custom provider for NZBplanet

What version of SR are you using ?

Same issue here 10.0.50 Windows 11. All custom torznab providers using jackett with the api key are erased for some reason.