Scheduled Backups

Just checking, is there a way to schedule a backup? I can obviously click the backup now button but it would be nice to not have to think about it.


No its not something YET implemented but it can be :wink:

It’s not implemented but you can do it quite easily if you are on Linux.

On Debian, just create a shell script that will archive all files in /home/YOUR_USER/.sickrage/
Then, just create a cron task that will launch the backup on the regular basis you want.

@jeremy_fritzen is correct you can create a cron script that’ll call the internal API cmd for backup on a interval

I didn’t know that we could use the API to backup the sickrage database.
Could you provide us a example of command? Thanks!

Fairly sure I have implemented the CMD but will need to check once I get to the office

OK, I’ve added a backup call to the apps API, you simply specify the folder to backup to and it’ll create the folder if it does not exist and perform the backup.

API backup call: /api/APIKEY/?cmd=backup&backup_dir=folder

This will be out in the next release later today :slight_smile: