Scene Group Shows, Seasons and Episodes

I would like to suggest a new feature (it’s the reason why I stopped using SickRage a while ago as it doesn’t cater for this).
SickRage should have a category or mode if I can call it that where it can find episodes of a show not based on it being unpacked. e.g. the following folder structure is not picked up as valid
– Kitchen.Nightmares
---- S01.HDTV
-------- Kitchen.Nightmares.S01E01.HDTV.XviD-XOR
------------ xor-kitchen.nightmares.101.rar
------------ …
------------ xor-kitchen.nightmares.101.r17

I don’t want to unpack the releases but I still want to be able to use SickRage as it’s constantly maintained, and it has a huge feature base, etc.
I have made previous fixes and pull requests so will see if I can’t add that myself but I don’t know the codebase that well to make major changes like these so would prefer if echel0n (or if there’s more active contributors) to take this one

Interesting idea, so are you wanting SR to post-process these and put them into their respective TV show folders but not unpack them or ?

Yep, into their respective SEASON folders though (e.g. S01.HDTV). So instead of working on an avi or mpg or whatever file extension, it now works on a folder (with a regex or something to know that it’s a Release -> this is one I use in my own app, ([a-z0-9-_.()]+)-([a-z0-9]+)+). If I were to put Kitchen.Nightmares.S01E01.HDTV.XviD-XOR one folder up into Kitchen.Nightmares it should be able to move that entire folder into S01.HDTV or whatever Season Folder regex I define (so current functionality can be reused). Don’t think it will be that big of a change now that I think of it as SickRage must just be coded not to only work on file extensions but to have the option that if I add a show then I tick that it’s a scene folder and should treat it as such and then work on Folders instead of files (meaning the rename options won’t apply as it will just assume the release name is correct … unless you want to bring in SRRDB integration :stuck_out_tongue: )

EDIT: This is a good folder structure example as we have same season different format/quality, S00 gets moved into root

I should think as long as unpack is not selected it should work just fine, have you tried adding the archive extension to the list of allowed video file extensions to see if it works as is ?

I have not, good idea. Will try it tomorrow morning. Thanks
Although this won’t solve the moving into season folders but it will atleast solve my current issue of it not detecting missing’s at all :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t go and put all the extensions into there as it also has sample (which are AVI) and subs, etc. so it should treat the entire folder as an episode
Here’s 2 regex functions that I use to determine that it’s a release folder as well (as the name is sometimes a false negative)
For .rar (and it’s larger variants) and .001

I can take a look at this functionality but won’t be right away, need to put all my focus now on getting the new UI / API done.

Sorry I never got back to you, work started for me at Jan 18 so got busy. The RAR and 001 extensions works well I must say, back to using SickBeard again to identify missing episodes :wink:
It’s obviously not a permanent solution and will require specific options for this as certain releases have part001.rar, part002.rar, some releases start with r01 instead of rar, etc. then it picks up that I have everything while it’s not true but works 80% of the time pretty well so far :stuck_out_tongue:

A bug perhaps -> WARNING::TORNADO-Thread_0::Refusing to change status of 2x5 to DOWNLOAD
e.g. -> Ramsays.Kitchen.Nightmares.Revisited.Walnut.Tree.Inn.DVDRip.XviD-FTP
It’s S02E06 and it is there, I understand not able to find the episode/season number as it has nothing in the release name for it but I still need to be able to tell SickRage that it is indeed there and it should chillax

ok, will look into this