Restart Learning Curve

I was using another similar program to SickRage & NZBget ETC. when I did a stupid mistake & lost about 25 Terabytes. I have woken up and have changed to RAID 6 with HOT spare & a spare in my desk draw. Anyhow I saw Sickrage had changed to Python 3+ &thought what the hell, I’ll give it a go.

I normally delete all downloads files directory content & move the mp4 mkv avi divx wmv etc. to MKVwith to a new folder & have found that I need a NFO is required with some particular, layout & where ? I have always deleted .nfo files, they were not required as far as I knew. So Download, Keep main file, rename file & delete the rest. I realise that is the wrong way for similar programs etc.
I also have accounts with tabula-rasa & nzbfinder.,ws that it refuses to hold the api details for?

Help Please.