Removed shows keep reappearing every restart


I’m running SR version 9.4.223 on Windows and everything works just fine for adding shows and finding episodes but whenever I remove a show, it disappears as expected and I get the message confirming it’s been deleted but when I restart SR the shows are all back BUT with no episodes so it tries to start downloading them all again.

Is there anything I can check to see what might be the problem?



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This issue has been fixed but the code has not been released as of yet, new web interface code is taking up majority of my time and major changes to the backend code need to be tested before I push out new code, I’ll see if I can push something this weekend.


Ah ok, thanks for the quick update

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I was just about to report this. :wink:

I’ll push this fix out today to develop branch to test code, then on Monday I will push to master branch if things pass good

Fix pushed to develop branch now


I’m having the same problem.

Any idea when this fix will be merged on master?

Thanks !

final testing of new code is being done and then merge to dev then to master, hoping all by end of this week

Great - I’m experiencing the same issue with the same release.
Really looking forward to the update.