Question for echel0n about auth

Appreciate the work that you’ve put into SR. One question: why the decision to move auth to the cloud? I know that Plex does this also, so I’m wondering what type of enhanced functionality you have in mind. If you’ve already explained this somewhere else, point me in the right direction. Thanks.

For the most part the SR network runs on my own servers here at the office off a fiber connection but there are times where I may need to shutdown for maintenance so moving the SSO server into the cloud seemed like the most logical choice so maintenance doesn’t disrupt logins for the app.

Some enhancements coming down the pipe will be the ability to share downloaded videos with friends or allow access with friends to you’re SR instance letting them see the schedule of shows coming out or even put in a request to add a show to the SR instance owner.

Thats just a small amount of ideas on the horizon for SR, we already cache public provider search results and share them with other SR users to provide a faster search hit which is all possible cause of SSO and API services.

There is one thing though. If your internet connection goes down, you’re unable to logon to do anything. I don’t really plan on opening up my sickrage to other external users, it would be nice be able to skip the security logons, or just have a hard-coded one if you choose.