Problem with Yggtorrent


I’m using sr on my Synology and since the last update, sr can’t connect to yggtorrent :
2018-10-15 15:04:51 WARNING::SEARCHQUEUE-MANUAL-78804::[Yggtorrent]::Unable to login to provider

I’m sure to have the right login info but it doesn’t work. I tried to reinstall sr but it didn’t work.

Can you help me ?


You on the latest version ?
I can test and fix later today, gotta header to work.


Hello !

same issue or me ^^

i juste install SR yesterday, and i realy have some trouble with that ( providers who disappear, the unknown port indicated nowhere and no save of my setting) but at the end i o through ^^

no my last issue is the yggtorrent provider ^^ still be unable to log


All those issues are fixed, I can take a look at yggtorrent issue later today.

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Pushing fix now for YGGTorrent, please test/confirm resolved

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on my side, it working ! ^^



Same here ! Thanks
It’s like the best site for french people so when it doesn’t work it’s sucks

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Hi !

i spend 20 minutes tryng to make SR rab season pack but still be impossible ( trying with orphan black)

one more thing ^^
(i want to download this show from s1 to s5 so i dont understand why it begin with the last season?)

there is a way for search a season until to click for every episode ?


Not on ygg I guess, sometime you have a all pack available but not allways.


cf Don't find show / yggtorrent, maybe it remains .it domain in some code…


Hi, I don’t suceed in posting on post Don't find show / yggtorrent (no possible more than 3 posts). Then I post my remark here:


I saw that you performed corrections on last commit, congrats !

Now the only show with troubles (on my side) is DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

2018-11-28 20:11:29 INFO::SEARCHQUEUE-MANUAL-295760::Finished manual search for: [DC’s Legends of Tomorrow - 4x04 - Wet Hot American Bummer] 2018-11-28 20:11:29 INFO::SEARCHQUEUE-MANUAL-295760::Unable to find a download for: [DC’s Legends of Tomorrow - 4x04 - Wet Hot American Bummer] 2018-11-28 20:11:26 INFO::SEARCHQUEUE-MANUAL-295760::[Yggtorrent]::Performing episode search for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2018-11-28 20:11:26 INFO::SEARCHQUEUE-MANUAL-295760::Starting manual search for: [DC’s Legends of Tomorrow - 4x04 - Wet Hot American Bummer]

Note that the site seems to have modified its URL…

Torrent9 provider

Don’t know if there is an impact:


Ygg is currently down.

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Ygg has been down due to a corrupted database since 09/02.

They are working in setting it up again …


Ygg is back:
New URL:

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YGG provider seems not working anymore… Has been any change on this provider ?



Waiting for ecehl0n news ! :slight_smile:



edit file /opt/sickrage/sickrage/providers/torrent/
replace the provider hyperlink with

restart sickrage services

worked for me with last TIU and Simpsons episodes.


nice job ! works fine, important to save py files links before any update :slight_smile:


New troubles, follow: