Problem SR - docker - plex on Synology

After adding new TV show to SR, downloaded new shows not appearing on plex. If I manually create new folder with file station and copy that shows into it the plex shows them and play normally. I think there is some problems with access rights between docker and plex. I need some advice how to resolve this.
docker: 18.09.0-0513
SR Version:9.4.221
Python Version:3.8.5

Did you setup auto-postprocessing ?

Yes, this is my postprocessing settings:

Does sickrage have sc-download permissions ?

How to check this? SR is running in the docker.
I noticed that the new folder created by SR when adding new show get owner status root if I change this status to my username the new added show is accepted by plex.
After some testing I discover that postprocessing make status root owner of all post process files.

I’m actually unsure as I haven’t run this in docker on synology in some time, I can check but it won’t be till later, currently at work right now.