Problem SR - docker - plex on Synology

After adding new TV show to SR, downloaded new shows not appearing on plex. If I manually create new folder with file station and copy that shows into it the plex shows them and play normally. I think there is some problems with access rights between docker and plex. I need some advice how to resolve this.
docker: 18.09.0-0513
SR Version:9.4.221
Python Version:3.8.5

Did you setup auto-postprocessing ?

Yes, this is my postprocessing settings:

Does sickrage have sc-download permissions ?

How to check this? SR is running in the docker.
I noticed that the new folder created by SR when adding new show get owner status root if I change this status to my username the new added show is accepted by plex.
After some testing I discover that postprocessing make status root owner of all post process files.

I’m actually unsure as I haven’t run this in docker on synology in some time, I can check but it won’t be till later, currently at work right now.

Hi, anything new on this isue?

Sorry, been crazy busy at work lately, ill free up time to work this issue tomorrow.

I’m having the same issue now. I’m running Plex and Emby natively installed on my Synology NAS. I’m running SR in Docker. SR moves shows appropriately, but I have had problems with it not putting them in the Season NN folder correctly (see this post). It did create the Season NN folder for a show recently, which made me think that it might be a permissions issue and led me to finding this post.

My permissions on my NAS shared folder look like this. The admin user is disabled, and I use myadmin. The Plex and Emby users both have read/write access to the shared folder.

When SR moves files from the Post-Processing Directory to the Shows folder, they are ending up with root:root ownership and no privs. And you can see that SR is not putting the file into the correct Season folder.

drwx------+ 1 myadmin users       7896 Jun 19 01:00 Season 08
----------  1 root    root  1968087618 Jun 24 03:01 The Blacklist - S08E22 - Konets - 720p.WEB-DL.mkv
-rwx------+ 1 emby    users        648 Jun 26 08:53 The Blacklist - S08E22 - Konets - 720p.WEB-DL.nfo

Emby seems to be able to see the file just fine, since it generates an NFO file. So maybe this is a Plex issue. But why do the files get that ownership and privileges when coming from SR?

Any recommendations on how to configure the NAS for both Plex, Emby and SR to co-exist nicely?

I do not personally run Emby so I can’t really comment on this right now, super busy with new UI code and functionality, as you may have noticed I halted doing more work on SR for now 3 months, I can try and take a look into this but just can’t promise when.

Plex is just as much of a problem. Why is SR (in Docker) putting files into the folder with root only access and no ACL (plus sign at the end of the permissions)? Making me think I should have installed SR natively instead of through Docker.

Using the Synology interface to cascade ownership (as myadmin) and permissions (including the ACL that allows emby, sc-download and plex read/write access) through to all of the subdirectories lets Plex and Emby both see and serve up the files. But new files saved to folders get saved as root with no permissions, so Emby/Plex can’t see them.

I’m not a Synology expert nor do I dabble much in ACL permissions, SR doesn’t modify permissions so the files should inherit permissions that are applied to the folder the files are being placed into