Previous episode date wrong

Something else I’ve noticed for a while, the date of the previous episode had been wrong for about a week. Instead of taking the latest episode, it seems to be taking the date of the first episode of a show…

ok, that I have an idea as to what may be causing it and it’ll be a fairly easy fix.

Excellent, no rush on it. It’s a tad inconvenient but not show stopping

Same problem here. Any news about a fix ?

I also noticed that if a show has an episode TBA without air date in the TVDB, it gives it the date january, 2nd, 0001. For example,

Been caught up in this whole covid-19 that I haven’t had time to get to this, will work this issue tonight.

Cool, thx a lot echel0n !

Should be fixed now in latest develop branch, its not a perfect fix yet but better then it was.