Post Processor Queue Auto - 'Cannot Process'

Hi there, I’ve taken a look through the other post processing problems posted already but can’t find an answer to my own issue here. Feel free to link another thread if it’s relevant.

Set up Sickrage a few days ago, all working nicely. Today, I’m getting the following warning on all my TV shows every time it scans for post processing:

2020-07-07 21:40:48 WARNING::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-AUTO::Cannot process an episode that’s already been moved to its show dir, skipping [TVSHOWPATH]
2020-07-07 21:40:48 DEBUG::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-AUTO::Processing folder [TVSHOWPATH]

It’s not deleting anything which is good, but anything that’s already been processed, it keeps on showing the above warning for.

The directory is the folder my client puts the completed downloads (different from the uncompleted downloads folder) and the processing method is set to ‘move’.

It’s happening on all shows no matter how the were added (manual search, Trakt, or pre-existing on my drive).

Any suggestions?