Post processor not creating .nfo file

After downloading, the post processor correctly moves and renames each episode. But, it is not creating a .nfo or any other metadata file for the downloaded episodes.
I set the Sickrage metadata type to KODI 12+. There are no warnings or errors in the log.
Sickrage version 10.0.58

2022-04-16 10:12:43 INFO::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-635350627T-AUTO::Finished auto post-processing job for: /mnt/synology/Share/downloads/completed/TV
2022-04-16 10:12:43 INFO::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-635350627T-AUTO::Successfully processed
2022-04-16 10:12:43 INFO::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-635350627T-AUTO::Processing /mnt/synology/Share/downloads/completed/TV
2022-04-16 10:12:43 INFO::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-635350627T-AUTO::Started auto post-processing job for: /mnt/synology/Share/downloads/completed/TV
2022-04-16 10:12:43 INFO::POSTPROCESSOR::Auto post-processing job for /mnt/synology/Share/downloads/completed/TV has been added to the queue