Post Processing - %RG


I was just wondering if someone else has problems when post processing steps in to rename the downloaded episodes? It all works fine except it doesnt add the realesegroup, Everything gets tagged with sickrage. The funny thing is that if I download something manually and then run that file through post processing the %RG gets added to the end of the filename.

Is there something I should check in my settings or should I just skip having the %RG appended to my filenames :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

So the correct RG gets added when manually post-processing but not when automatically post-processing ??

Please provide more details and steps so I can reproduce this issue on my end.


Maybe I was a bit unclear. No itโ€™s not when running the post-process manually. It works if I donโ€™t use sickrage to snatch the episode for me.