Post Processing not working

For some reason, the automatic post processing doesn’t work. In the log (below) it says it’s successfully processed, but the downloaded file remains in the downloaded folder.
However when I Manually do Post-Processing, it works fine.

Any ideas?

2022-04-12 23:13:05 INFO::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-57047XKXFI-AUTO::Successfully processed
2022-04-12 23:13:04 INFO::POSTPROCESSOR::Auto post-processing job for /volume1/Download/TV Downloads has been added to the queue
2022-04-12 23:13:04 INFO::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-57047XKXFI-AUTO::Processing /volume1/Download/TV Downloads
2022-04-12 23:13:04 INFO::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-57047XKXFI-AUTO::Started auto post-processing job for: /volume1/Download/TV Downloads