Post processing errors


Running Sickrage on Windows 10. I’ve had it running for ages but after a recent upgrade post processing fails. I get these warnings:

2020-05-12 10:31:11 POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-AUTO::Processing failed for C:\XXX.mkv:
2020-05-12 10:31:11 POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-AUTO::Processing Failed

I’ve tried to change to copy instead of move but no luck. Also tried a different file location to see if that might be the issue.

Debug logging seems to be turned on but as you can see the messages aren’t really telling me much.

How can I get more meaningful info?

Thanks in advance

What version of SR ?


Version is 9.4.211

I think I have an idea what it is going on. The show in question showed the episodes as downloaded/green. So I think that SR thought the episode was already in the correct folder with the correct name - even if it wasn’t actually the case. Therefore it wouldn’t move (or copy) the show in the download folder because it thought that the existing file would be overridden. I don’t know how I ended up in that situation. I suppose that I will know if it’s working again the next time it downloads something. I might write back if it happens again.



Unfortunately the problem isn’t resolved. I see this in the debug log:

C:\Newshosting\Complete\TV\Episode name.mkv is the same size as C:\Newshosting\Complete\TV\Episode name.mkv

I don’t understand…


I would need to see you’re existing settings setup, could you make a backup and email to [email protected] please.


So… It looks like it might be related to the qbittorrent application. Because from what I can tell downloads via sabnzbd seem to work. Any idea what setting I should look at?