Post Processing do nothing

Hello everyone, first of all sorry for my english.

I’have issues with Sickrage and Post-Processing.

My download client is Deluge, and when the download finnish it’s move completed download to the folder

" /volume1/Download/complete_series "

So, i use this folder for " Post Processing Dir " on Post-Processing and choise " Copy ".

When the Post-processing begins, i have this message :

2021-02-28 10:20:01 INFO::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-OJ1ZWS3IKG-AUTO::Finished auto post-processing job for: /volume1/Download/complete_series
2021-02-28 10:20:01 INFO::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-OJ1ZWS3IKG-AUTO::Successfully processed
2021-02-28 10:20:01 INFO::POSTPROCESSORQUEUE-OJ1ZWS3IKG-AUTO::Processing /volume1/Download/complete_series
2021-02-28 10:20:01 INFO::POSTPROCESSOR::Auto post-processing job for /volume1/Download/complete_series has been added to the queue

But … nothing in my show tv directory ! The media stay in " /volume1/Download/complete_series " (and that, it’s ok cause i want to " Copy " but my tv show directory stay empty :frowning: !

I don’t understand why,

Anyone can help me plz ?

Thx a Lot :slight_smile:

regards !

Ok, i found why :slight_smile: !

I need to go General >Advanced Settings and add " mkv, avi, mpeg " etc to " Allowed Video file extentions " :wink:

Cya :slight_smile:

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