Post-Processing do not consider the subfolders


As I had an issue with my network disk where the files needs to be copied during the automatic post-processing, the files haven’t been copied.
So I try to execute the manual post processing but, when I point on the root download folder, only the files stored in this folder is processed but the subfolder isn’t processed.
When I point on the subfolder it works to it looks that it is really related to the fact that I am pointing on the root.



I have the same problem. Some of the shows are downloaded into own folder and these shows inside subfolder are not postprocessed.

Can you provide me an example of folder structure, file names and what is not being processed

I have dedicated folder for SR downloads.
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I noticed if I manualy start postprocessing it is done OK.

How do you have you’re auto-postprocessing setup ?

Here is a photo attached:

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