Please add local authentication

Please add Local Authentication. I am quite disappointed that the feature was removed and replaced by a central auth server.

I can understand you’re frustration but can not approve this request, seen to many exploits created that targeted other forks using local authentication, I’ve already stated that I am willing to add a fallback to using the unique API key generated as a means to log in only if the auth server becomes offline/unavailable.

Can you add an option to disable authentication? My server is only accessible locally there isn’t risk of exploits.

This is something I will think on, if I was to do that I would have to disable not just authentication but all the extra features the API brings into the app, searches would be slower to get results and any future API-based benefits would be disabled as well.

As requested, I’ve decided and implemented local authentication plus whitelisting for IP addresses and ranges, currently being tested on develop branch now.