Paths in gui wrong

Since a while back some of the paths in my web gui seems to be broken somehow. When I try to get to the shows list (/home) I instead end up at /home/addShows. When I try to get directly to a show (like /home/displayShow?show=264185) I end up at a page telling me that show doesn’t exist (which I know it does). Anyone got any idea what’s happening? Some caching gone wrong somewhere?

This is on version 9.4.215.

I had this after I recently wiped and reinstalled SR. I’d been hoping to get a fresh install and have everything discovered from my media library, but the only way to get around it was to upload the backup I’d taken before wiping.

If you’ve got a backup, try and load it and see if that helps any.

Well, the strange thing is I haven’t changed anything anywhere. Which made me think this could be something general that was broken in the last release. But apparently not :frowning:

Also, I don’t have any backup. Guess I’ll have to start digging in the code myself…

I checked exactly what is happening from the browsers point of view, and when going to /home it simply gets a http 301, pointing to /home/addShows/.

Replying to myself again. It turns out that actually I have no series in Sickrage anymore, they’ve all been completely wiped. No idea how that could happen, but apparently I have to scan my library from scratch now :frowning:

If you can email me you’re database files I can take a closer look, [email protected]

Super basic question so no intent to cause offense but - have you tried to repopulate from rescanning your library/media folder?

Done. I zipped /database/main folder, hope that’s the correct files?

That’s not really something I want to do, I’ll lose a lot of information in that progress. But yes, I tried it as a last resort. It didn’t work though, seems it doesn’t work at all adding new series. Something is really broken… Hoping @echel0n will find something useful in my database…

OK, found the issue and fixed it, will push out the new fix later today.

Yay! All my series are back! Thanks a lot!

May I ask what the problem was?

Was a bug in the database migration code when upgrading the database to v16