Package Sickrage not present on Synology Center


I uninstalled Sickrage a few days ago to make a new clean installation but unfortunately, the sickrage package is not present in Synology center :frowning :

When will it be available again?


Synology repo address is

Tks for your answer but I use this adress since the begining

just FYI, you have make an little error in you repository

and my synology have the good URL

but no Sickrage in app

When i open my Nas, a DS3615XS, in the repository, the page is empty

and I have the same issue on my second Synology, a true DS214+


Same issue on a Synology DS1817+

Yup working on a fix

This should now be fixed, please confirm.

Strange, I have Sickrage now but i have lost full app, only 4 now, i don’t understand…

I’ve installed the application but I can’t launch it

Would you be able to grant me SSH access to you’re box again ?

I have create a SSH access for you and send info by private massage :wink:

Some news echel0n ? I have lost my Sickrage there are 2 months, i need you app :wink: :smiley:

You should see a new version in package manager now

I have installing package 9.4.201-1 and same issue :frowning:

Ok, hoping to push out a release to production tonight or tomorrow morning.

Some news echel0n ?

Akhlan, an impatient user :smiley:

Trying to track down a issue on the new code that seems to only affect synology users causing the web ui to lockup, once that’s fixed I can release, also been very sick past few days.

OK, things are looking good and being testing now, will have a release out this Sunday so long as testing continues to look good.

good luck and good news :wink:

Pushing production release out now, confirmed error that was causing startup issues for Synology and fixed.

Same issue mister :frowning:

I have put the log but there is empty…

Sun Mar  8 21:59:36 CET 2020
Starting sickrage command /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/env/bin/python /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/share/SiCKRAGE/ --daemon --pidfile /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/var/ --config /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/var/config.ini --datadir /volume1/@appstore/sickrage/var/