OpenSSL on Windows / Setup SSL Errors

Hi there,

I am doing a fresh install of Sickrage on a new machine. I managed to get it up and running on localhost:8081 but now that I am trying to setup an SSL certificate with the install and whenever I turn it on the following message appears and the settings are disabled. I updated pyopenssl in both my Python 3 and Python 27 directories:

2020-05-18 20:11:17 CORE::OpenSSL not available, please install for better requests validation:

I managed to get this up and running really well on my old machine a while ago and know it is possible, just wondering what the procedures were now with Python3, Windows? Thanks for your help and stay safe!

I’ll need to look into this further.

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Sure thing. Let me know if you need me to provide you any specific info. Love the software and happy to help!

Know you are working on other issues but wanted to get an idea of when this might be examined. No rush, just curious.

The best way for me to keep on top of things like this would be to open a issue ticket via issue tracker at the top of the page, I’m in the current final stages of moving my family to a new house and dealing with a new work scheduled caused by covid-19, I plan to get to all issues reported after the 20th.

Simply run pip3 install pyopenssl to install and re-start SR

I ran pip3 install pyopenssl and restarted SR with no luck. It rebooted but only on localhost:8081. I set it to use HTTPS, and provided the location of my CRT and KEY files but then it refused to respond until a reboot. Once rebooted, it only responded on localhost:8081 once again and gave the same error:

CORE::OpenSSL not available, please install for better requests validation: `

Will keep trying and let you know if I discover anything.

Did you figure this out pal?
I just did a fresh install and now cant get it running :frowning:
I reinstalled pyopenssl and now I get this error

Run pip3 install rarfile==3.1 then try and start and take the update please.

Unfortunately not yet but echel0n is on it in the issue tracker. Guessing it will come around after a few code cycles.

As an aside, it looks like the issue you noted isn’t the same one I am having.

The OpenSSL issue is something that will be worked on, just I had a bunch of other bug-fixes and updates already underway that needed to get finished up and pushed out to master branch, this now takes priority and is being worked on.

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Ok so this worked ! however now when i try to run i get connection refused and the terminal shows this tornado warning thing

I have tried restarting services and reinstalling and get the same issue

Rather then deleting this ill leave as a lesson for others!
It tells you the URL used in this dialog
i was using the wrong one :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help

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