NZB Searches Resulting in Tons of Unwanted Shows Downloaded

I’ll be the first to admit an unfamiliarity with NZB searches but I needed to explore Jackett to take the pressure off the various indexers I use because they were blocking me and timing me out. So, I installed Jackett and configured it to blackhole the NZBs at C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\SiCKRAGE\home\user\torrents_blackhole where I then proceeded to setup a Jackett profile in Sickrage for each of the indexers. All well and good but lately I’ve been getting sometimes one or two and sometimes a massive deluge of TV shows I don’t want and don’t have in inventory in SickRage passed to my Bittorrent client via what i suspect is this NZB blackhole.

At first I suspected a hacked Bittorrent web client so I changed the password to more complex iterations. Then it happened again so I changed ports and passwords. Still, it persists. Any idea why I’d be getting these series passed via Sickrage to my NZB blackhole and by virtue of that to my torrent client?

Thanks for any information you can provide, even if it is a “hey stupid, you misconfigured it” type answer :slight_smile:

Discovered the solution. I had the Jackett Port publicly exposed on the internet and Jackett offers nothing beyond basic authentication so it was available to anyone or any bot that wanted to hammer it. Since Jackett is a locally accessible application only, I blocked the offending port from my router and it stopped! Leaving this here for anyone that experiences similar.

We’ll, I thought I discovered the solution. I blocked all exposed Jacket ports with no luck. This is originating from within Sickrage it seems.

Blocked literally every port coming into the machine for Jackett. Local firewall, wireless network ports and router ports. Silence for the time being…