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Having trouble adding shows again after clean install and restore from backup.

Just comes up empty and it doesn’t matter if I try to add it as a new show or an existing one.

Just me or more people with this issue? No updates for SR when searching for them.

I have a similar problem where, after a search of a show, it comes up in the list, I hit add, it confirms it has been added, but it’s not showing up in the show list.
The show folder, however, it’s added on my drive with the download shows.
Where is the problem?

I found this in my warning logs: 2021-11-01 20:49:05 RSSCACHE-UPDATER::TORRENTLEECH::Invalid username or password. Check your settings

I don’t know what it means, I am not using any torrent provider that requires authentication.

OK, I’ve pushed out a fix for the search issues.

10.0.46 version, same issue. No updates available.

@Lobster what browser are you using?

Im using Edge. Try with another one?

is it on a cellphone cause that looks to be what you are using?

The pictures are taken in safari on my phone but I have the same issue on my PC with Edge

You need to choose a language

My Sickrage GUI is letting me know that there is a new version 10.0.46 available but it’s not on the main page for download and when running the 10.0.45 installer, it’s not finding anything new.

should be fixed now, I forgot to push out the Windows setup for the new release, thanks!

Problems fixed. The installer found the new version and the shows appear in the GUI. Thanks.

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Still not fixed for me, there is no language to choose from

Picture taken from Chrome and looks the same in Edge.
This is the info from SickRage:

Go into settings → general → advanced settings
Disable and then re-enable “SiCKRAGE API”
Then restart SR

This hat i see in SR after trying to enable API again.

OK, I know why thats happening, are you still unable to see a list of languages? even from “settings->general->Default Series Provider Language”?

Nothing available and can’t switch the API back. Remove everything and start from scratch?

At this point, I would also suggest starting over from scratch with this.

works fine after reinstall

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