No episode number found


I’m having an issue, when scanning for new files in my “One Piece” directory

18:18:00 INFO::SHOWQUEUE-HC51V6A3I1-REFRESH::parse_result: SHOW:[One Piece] ABS:[958] ANIME VER:[1] ABD:[False] ANIME:[True] REGEX:[anime_french_fansub]
18:18:00 WARNING::SHOWQUEUE-HC51V6A3I1-REFRESH::No episode number found in W:\One piece\One Piece 958 VOSTFR HD (1280x720) V2.mp4, ignoring it

In the first message, i see that the absolute number is found, why doesn’t he takes this number as episode number ? is something wrong in my configuration ?

In One Piece show configuration I have set “Anime” as true, i added my favorite fansub in the whitelist,
and in the search format i choose “Anime (Show.265)”, also i selected “Season folders”.

My directory looks like :

  • One piece
    ** Season 01
    ** …
    ** Season 21
    ** One Piece 926 [VOSTFR][HD_1280x720]_V2.mp4
    ** One Piece 933 VOSTFR HD (1280x720) V2.mp4
    ** …
    ** One Piece 958 VOSTFR HD (1280x720) V2.mp4

Can you help me ?