New web interface coming to SiCKRAGE

Since I started this project the web interface hasn’t change drastically that much, as time has gone on I’ve found the performance of it has degraded, so I’ve decided to completely write a new UI from the ground up that will separate the UI from the application all together. So far I’ve completed the main shows page, show details page, and show edit page, the performance is night and day from what we all are use to now.

With that being said I will advise you this task will take time to complete, I have a day job and kids so I focus what spare time I have after that into SiCKRAGE where I can, to everyone that has ever donated I thank you for that as I make no money on this project and actually have put in my own money to maintain it, its a passion to me so I don’t mind.

Once the new web interface has been completed I’ll be taking requests to beta test it before deciding to place it into our develop git branch, so stay watching this thread if your interested!


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