New SickRAGE Executables are being flagged as Viruses

Today I discovered that I was unable to access Sickrage on my Windows 2016 server.
Reading through the forums this may be related to an automatic upgrade from 9.4.221 to 10.0.0. The last entry in the log was from 1/10/2021
“DEBUG::VERSIONUPDATER::Saved encrypted config to disk”
The version.txt shows 10.0.0
Maybe I am wrong, ultimately I tried downloading the latest available version from the site “9.4.223.exe”
and Windows Defender/Security is blocking it as a virus on two different machines.
Any ideas on either issue?

New Windows installer uses a different install engine, so not sure what anti-virus software your using but its a false positive its throwing, if you re-install it should resolve your access issues as the app needs to run with --host

Like @dustman86 mentioned, it’s not a specific anti-virus, it’s just the vanilla Windows Defender. I’m having the same issue in Windows 10:

Even if I click Run Anyway I then get another error since it removes the file.

I can look further into it, it shouldn’t remove the file, might be I need to sign the setup with a publishing certificate, will reply back once I have more info.