New show not showing up on the main page

I am using version 9.4.216 of Sickrage. I have added a new show through the menu, I got the confirmation pop-up but it’s not showing up in the home page list.
The folder on the drive is there.
Any advice?

Upgrade to 9.4.219 please

Well, it went well until the restart, for which I got a ‘timed out’ message, then nothing further, Now when I try to connect to the localhost on port 8081 I get a refused to connect message.

This is on what type of device ?

I use an HTPC with Win 7.

OK, new Windows install has been released, please download it to properly upgrade.


I reinstalled the application. It shows I am on 9.4.214. When I check for updates, it gives me no update available. Is there a way to do manual update?

Actually, after a few minutes, the new show I wanted to add, using update 9.4.219, appeared on the home screen, which was the original issue. So now I am good.

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I am having same issue. Updated to 9.4.219, no luck. Conducted fresh installation (windows 10) and updated to 9.4.219. Tried to add existing shows from my file folders, no luck. Any recommendations?

Any chance you could install teamviewer and private message me the login details so I could take a look ?

Having a similar problem 9.4.219, did clean install and restore from backup. Server status shows:

Is this on Windows or Linux ?

it’s on windows, service has paused as well now, saw the other post so will try the new zip.

Installed from new zip, restored from backup and restarted (restart timed out). Now not starting with log showing repeating loop of:
2020-08-17 22:32:48 INFO::CORE::Performing integrity check on main database
2020-08-17 22:32:48 INFO::CORE::Performing migrations on main database
2020-08-17 22:32:48 INFO::CORE::Performing upgrades on main database
2020-08-17 22:32:49 INFO::CORE::Upgrading main database to v16

OK, so on the restart sequence we shutdown the scheduler, this was throwing a RuntimeError exception which would break the sequence and leave the app in limbo, I’ve added exception handling for this and pushed the fix to develop branch.