New install windows spinning dots


I have userd Sickrage for a long time. On my last build I used a windows installer instead of a git pull.
It always said it was ahead of master.
I backed up the system and the DB as well as folders and uninstalled it when I noticed the build was not close to what is on git.
I removed the Python install as well as I noticed the new windows installer has it built in.

I installed the window installer and all is good but no matter what I click on the page there are only the spinning dots.

The folder structure seems to be empty or very different. I see the service uses and EXE file in the Python directory,
But the sickrage directory does not have anything in it.

Data folder
Python folder

That is all I have in there. Is this correct?

I also uninstalled, reinstalled Python and did a get pull of the repo and got the same result.
I removed all of that and put back the basic windows installer and still have the spinning dots.

OS Name: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard
OS Version: 10.0.14393 N/A Build 14393


Anything in you’re logs that may indicate an issue ?


Nothing in the error log, and the normal logs. Shows it loads fine.


If you’re using chrome then press f12 to bring up the development console, then right-click on the refresh button and choose hard refresh, let me know that resolves it.

Also you may see some errors in that development console window, if you do please report them here


I was using IE… When I opened the site in Chrome it was fine. FacePalm

/end thread


Always the simple things :slight_smile: