nCore provider URL problem

This URL has bad parameters:[]=xvidser_hun&kivalasztott_tipus[]=xvidser&kivalasztott_tipus[]=dvd_hun&kivalasztott_tipus[]=dvd&kivalasztott_tipus[]=dvd9_hun&kivalasztott_tipus[]=dvd9&kivalasztott_tipus[]=hd_hun&kivalasztott_tipus[]=hd&mire=This%20Is%20Us%20S06&miben=name&tipus=kivalasztottak_kozott&submit.x=0&submit.y=0&submit=Ok&tags=&searchedfrompotato=true&jsons=true

dvd_hun - should be ‘dvdser_hun’
dvd - should be ‘dvdser’
hd_hun - should be ‘hdser_hun’
hd - should be ‘hdser’

I tried to modify like so:
categories = [
‘xvidser_hun’, ‘xvidser’,
‘dvdser_hun’, ‘dvdser’,
‘hdser_hun’, ‘hdser’

It did not help.
Tried to delete cache - no luck either.

Please help.

ok, I can see the issue and will need to make some adjustments to the code, I can try to get to this tomorrow or Saturday.

Could you solve the issue?
Thank you!

I apologize as I was not able to make the deadline I gave last week, I however am still working on this issue and do know the path I need to take to make the corrections to this, I will try again for this weekend.

Hi there,
Have you been able to work on this issue?

Yes, I’ll push the fix out tomorrow.

ok, I had to re-write entirely how SR grabs updated URLs from our API and then applies them against the URLs stored in SR since some string formatting is also applied afterwards, but I was able to get it working perfectly and am pushing out the new release now, once you’ve tested it please let me know how it goes.