My experience so far


Long time sickrage user, and have contributed in the past(slack notify).

Did a git update on my current checkout version of sickrage to find out a bunch of stuff is broken/changed.


clone the new repo into a new directory, so far so good. copy over my old sickbeard.db, config.ini

start sickrage. What is this new login prompt? now going to Now I have to sign up to some account I don’t know where/how this is hosted? openid … ok fine, generate a new password, etc.

find out none of my settings or database has been imported. wow this is going to be fun.

finally set everything up, import all my shows(300+). stuff is downloading, but post processing seems to not be working for some reason. need to investigate

I run all this behind a reverse proxy with many other services(13 others), although now I’m running into some issues with this openid authentication, reverse proxying and proxy headers.

after login, I simply get

403 Client Error: Forbidden for url:

Looks like it’s not working at all with the reverse proxy regardless of configuration on either end. Need to investigate more.

Regardless to say, this has not been a good experience so far:

  • no proper migration path
  • no login alternatives
  • many Cloudflare 502 bad gateways when trying to access the forums, gitlab issues, etc.
  • forced external auth provider with no alternatives

I understand why it was done this way, api caching, unauthorized forks, etc… but could have been done much more gracefully.

I’ll most likely go back to an older version of sickrage, it shouldn’t take me 2 days to get this properly working, plus being tied to an external auth provider for a home service is a no go for me.


We are sorry to hear that you don’t have a good experience using our program.
Right now we are dealing with an increased amount of traffic that causes some servers to fail to keep up.
The new login system is created to secure the app so your passwords and data are being protected.

The migration of your database and config probably failed because you come from an unsupported version of SiCKRAGE.

We are working hard to fix these issues. Please be patient.


Issues should now be resolved with our edge devices.


I’m here because I wanted to update to the latest version of SickRage (same as @forge33).
Now… I understand that you want to “protect our passwords” but you guys should still give us the option to select whether we want that crazy login system that takes like 5 minutes to login. I was okay with the simple login system which I was able to check even if I was without internet!
Everything feels like super chunky and slow…
It’s like you want us to jump the boat on you guys!

I’m with @forge33… This external auth provider for a HOME service is a no go for me too.

PS. What’s with the crazy font on the new version?


The auth service will be getting a connection upgrade on the 27th, there are plans in the works to make it a better experience for all but understand the auth service isn’t just for protecting passwords but also for connecting to our API services such as distributed provider cache search results gathered from all connected app instances.

I can understand your frustration on this but removing the service is not an option, we will work together to make it better and faster :slight_smile:


signed up just to give you this feedback.

I’ve been using sickrage for YEARS, and was on sickbeard before that.

i normally keep up to date with the software but with this new addition of an SSO im going to have to say adios and move to rardarr. the simple reason is i just dont trust giving you guys my email address. I use the software behind a vpn to be on the safe side, and if you guys are raided or given a lawsuit to hand over our email addess’s i doubt you’d say no… so sorry but the benefits of having a sso for you doubt outweight the security concerns for myself and im guessing about 90% of your user base.



Eh then signup for hushmail or something, fairly easy to do


But why make your user base do that!

Trust me this is not a Troll
Message, I love the software I really do, it is the backbone of my home network along with plex and a few others.

It’s just that if you are only requesting sso signup to then offer a search service (great idea, but again you may be opening yourself up to prosecution) or premium features then please make it optional for the super cautious such as myself :slight_smile:

Also if you could add in IMDB watch lists like CP that would be ace


IMDB watchlists ?

Plex does SSO signup as well so honestly I don’t see the issue here, adding premium features would be focused on easy of use of the application it self and not how it interacts with providers more then making things easier to search.

TBH I’d actually like to encourage people to be more secure and to use VPNs as well as secure email systems when interacting on any software that deals in this realm of things, there will always be an amount of risk involved when using software like this, just no one thinks its gonna be them till it is.

Think about all those private trackers being used with this software, they ALL require email accounts for signup and have their own login system so why is this any different from that ?

I welcome debate on this as it fuels ideas and improvements :slight_smile:


Ok, so I use imdb on my phone. If I add a movie to a watch list CP grabs it automagically, would be great for SR to work in the same way with tv series.

SR is not plex, SR is specifically designed to grab content, plex started as a way to surface content, but they deliberately stayed away from commenting on how the content was acquired.

They became reputable by offering their player on every platform and as such the numbers of users justified it being no longer questionable.

Anyways we’re getting off the point, I’ve rolled back to the last stable version without the need for an SSO.

Please consider your user base who are liking SR as a local service and not one that requires SSO ?



SR doesn’t grab content other then search results, it does NOT download torrents or nzb files or videos for that matter.

SR’s user base is large and our stance on SSO is that it will remain, I’m happy to improve on it, if you make the choice to leave and go elsewhere then that is your choice.

TBH I started this project to fill a need I had at the time, its grown into more then that and I take that into consideration every time I make a change to the code, to me this is a much needed feature and one that should of been done a long time ago.