Migrating auth server to Kubernetes cluster

Now that I’ve got the Kubernetes cluster stabilized for the past few months I’ll be migrating our authorization server from AWS into the cluster, this will require disabling signups on the AWS instance and re-pointing the DNS for it to the cluster, once the DNS has fully propagated the signups will kick back in.

I’ll reply back to this thread once I’ve finished the work on my end,

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I’ve completely disabled authorizations well the migrations is underway, this is to ensure data remains intact and unaffected.

I’ll reply back once we’ve pointed the DNS to the new server, thanks!

I’ve finished the Auth server migration and re-pointed the DNS, traffic is now flowing, will continue to monitor for any issues before declaring this task completed.


Since the migration of our authorization server and a few tweaks to the setup I am now deeming this finished and stable!