Migrate database to docker container

I need some help. I have a Sickrage instance running well on a Raspberry PI 3 under the OSMC build. I recently purchased and installed in my network a Synology DS3615 with DSM 6.2.2 on which I downloaded Docker and configured SickRage 9.4.201. It runs ok, no issues. I have created and exported a backup from Raspberry to the docker instance, but when I try to restore - it always fails and enters a loop.
Can you please help me import my old database of shows in the new docker instance? What can I do to accomplish this?

Thank you very much in advance.

Email me your backup and I’ll take a look, [email protected]

Thank you very much for the speedy response.
I have sent it to you by email.

Thank you.

Any idea? Or should I start over from scratch?

Thank you

Sorry, just been busy with work so haven’t had time to get to this, will try and take a look tonight.

Ok, I am sorry if I was pushing. I really appreciate it.

Thank you.

OK, I was able to see an issue when restoring the backup and corrected it, issue only seems to happen if restoring and choosing not to restore the config.

Currently this fix is on our develop branch being test and will be pushed to our production master branch later this week with many other bug fixes and enhancements.

Thank you for the reply. So, when restoring the backup, I should choose all the options, or without the config?

Hi, any update here?

restoring on the Synology and replacing the config will change the port to whatever it was before so keep that in mind, a new release should be out this Sunday so long as testing passes with flying colors by then.