MetaData for Plex only?


I have a Plex server I use for viewing. I see in show info “Update for Kodi” and “Update for Emby”. Are these any good for Plex? I don’t know enough about them to know if they’re useful or not and searching on them hasn’t been overly useful either, too much other info.


Under settings you can configure plex


I assume you mean under Config - Notifications you can set up Plex? That has worked for me, but I think maybe he’s asking about the buttons that show up when you are viewing a show. Shown below.

What are those buttons supposed to do? Do they affect Plex in any way? And can you not display them when you don’t have Kodi or Emby configured?


Those buttons should not be showing up at all actually if you did not choose them for notifications, I’ll look into it but the fixes for them will be placed into the python 3 branch.