Measuring progress differently


what do you think about measuring download progress by what episodes are actually downloaded instead of what has the status of downloaded? with ignore still overriding this. heres what i mean:

i have 7 seasons of a show in SDTV. it’s complete. but if i mark the episodes wanted in order to search for high qualities now the season shows 0 shows for progress even though sickrage knows the files are there. since they were manual processed and the show was previously marked ignore i need to mark them wanted to start searching right? unless i press the magnifying glass next to each episode. and alternative solution would be a way to search without changing the status. this would be beneficial too actually as that status may include the current download quality which we want to keep when searching but seems lost when marking wanted… is this making sense ha?


It makes sense, base the download progress on existing ep files.
Let me check further into this and see if I make this a opt in or perm solution.