Make encryption of config.ini optional


I appreciate the effort to make sickrage as secure as possible. However I do not need the encryption of the config.ini and it actually creates issues to maintain sickrage. It is not makeing it easier to understand issues and fix them.

So I would also appreciate to save the config.ini in plain text again.


Sure, I’ll add a button in that’ll allow downloading of the config in plaintext

I would prefer to not encrypt it at all. So I can change it manually if I want to. Downloading is one thing, changing anything in the event of bugs is something different.

As you are aware currently the configuration for any search does not work (e.g does not save). And that is rendering the whole tool unusable.

When you say for any search I assume you mean search client ?

I mean I cannot search anything cause I cannot configure it. Nothing I do in search client or search settings is saved. So search does not work and making the product useless at the moment.

Anyhow … Would be nice to have as well as the local user auth.

But you can close this here. I will move on to another fork.

Thanks for your quick support on this.

Regardless the issues will be resolved, I understand if you must move on, thanks.