IPTorrents searching, high CPU Use

Hello! Love SickRage, have been using it for years. However, as of the past year or so, it’s been using quite a bit more CPU use than usual (currently 100% of 1 of my cores all the time). It seems to be taking a long time in BACKLOG and REFRESH areas. I use IPTorrents as my search provider, and I was wondering if perhaps there may be a better way to search?

IPTorrents tags everything with the IMDB tt# tags, so if you were to have a field in each show for that tag, and use that as the primary search, you’d be certain to always get the correct show. If you could just do (1) search for the tt# tag, and cache the results, that would help lots. Then set the expiration of the cache to the next episode air date, or maybe a configurable amount of time? You could also use this methodology for the tvdb data as well.

Additionally, they also have an RSS feed, which should catch any new episodes that come out before the next air date, you can set it up to be personalized so it only sends TV episodes also! (event instead of polling).

I also did notice that the REFRESH seems to be doing more than just checking the files on the disk.

Thanks for all the hard work! I currently have 263 shows with 113 active on my server, and it does quite well, I just wish the UI were more responsive (and I think that’s because it’s so busy doing BACKLOG and REFRESH work).