Installing Sickrage for newbies

Hi all,

So a friend of mine originally installed sickrage a long time ago. I recently formatted my PC and need to install sickrage from scratch. When I install it I cant get into it at all. Please can you advise the exact steps I need to take and what software needs to be installed etc. Below please find my system details,

OS: Windows 10 pro - latest update
Java: latest update
Browser: Firefox

Download and install
Then once installed go to http://localhost:8081

I did that already. It did not work.

Is the service started ?

Please advise where do I ned to look to find if it is?

On you’re keyboard press the windows logo + R then type services and press enter, from there you should get a popup that you can scroll till you see SiCKRAGE, let me know if that is started.

it says start up type automatic and when i go into it then it says stopped. When i try to start it then a error occurs and says windows could not start on local computer.

When you first installed SR it would of asked you to enter the username and password to run this service under, did you fill that in ?


i left it blank.

You’re need to edit the service then and fill in the proper username and password to have it start correctly, just use whatever you log into Windows with so the service can auto-start

i never used a password for my pc. i only switch it on and it starts up directly into windows all the time.

I can teamviewer onto your pc and fix this if you like, private message me login details.

ok, so i have managed to figure it out finally after so long. This is the steps i took,

  1. Installed python (Didnt have this installed before),
  2. install
    2.1) While installing i used the PC name as the username,
    2.2) selected the folder where python was installed when asked,
    3)Then once installed go to http://localhost:8081

The only problem is sometimes when im in and exit and try again then it wont let me in. i have to manually stop and start the process again. Please advise work around for this issue.

I recently had a PC crash and had to start new as well. During the installation, when selecting the folder where Python 3 (ver 3.8.6) is installed it will not accept the folder I select. I just keeps asking for the folder over and over. Any help would be appreciated.


I seemed to have the same problem at first when python was installed into the default folder. I reinstalled it in program files (x86) and then i reselected the folder. It did it a few more times then it just accepted it after i clicked cancelled.

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