Instal stuck at asking for python 3 installation location

As the subject title says.

I’m trying to install Sickrage but unfortunately it’s stuck at asking me the location of my python 3 installation.

I’ve tried copy pasting the following folder location but it just asks over and over again.

C:\Program Files\Python39

Eventually the installer says it’s its correctly, but I can’t get the service to launch. I get the following error message.

![2020-10-26 16_50_58-Services|640x326]

I’ve installed all Windows upadtes thinking it would help but alas, it hasn’t…

Has anyone encountered this before?

I’m not seeing the image you posted for the error message

Hopefully it works now.

2020-10-26 16_50_58-Services

So I’ve reinstalled my OS and I get the same error message. I’m using python 3.9, is that not okay?

Did you fill in the user and password for it to use for your local windows account ?

Yes sir I did. Is Python 3.9 good?

I have not tested with Python 3.9, only 3.8

Ok thanks, I’ll retry with 3.8…
Thank you

Thanks!! I’ve installed Python 3.8.6 and it seems to work now.

Thank you one again!

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Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I will now test with Python 3.9 on my end and resolve those issues.

OK, looks like I had to update requirements (cryptography, lxml, and feedparser) so that SR would work on Python 3.9.x

I’ll make this adjustment to the Windows installer as well later once a new update is ready to push out.