How update Sickrage on Docker on my Nas Synology


I can’t install Sickrage directly on my Synology NAS because I don’t have Python 3.8 and so I use Docker to have Sickrage but I don’t know how to update the application… Today I have version 10.0.11 and when I put on my GIT path, I get an error…

How to update my Sickrage without losing my data of course


first create a backup from sickrage app, then all you should need to do is change the docker image to the latest which is 10.0.42

I have always this error,

"2021-10-03 19:28:40 SEARCH-PROVIDERS::Invalid token error, please re-link your SiCKRAGE account from settings->general->advanced->sickrage api"

It’s normal with the Docker version ?

What version are you on right now?

I updated to 10.0.42 and the GIT settings disappeared… So it’s ok now for me :smiley :

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v10.0.45 is the latest out right now as well and has some more fixes