How to know you're using an OFFICIAL version of SiCKRAGE


There’s a lot of forks/clones floating around the internet of SiCKRAGE so I can understand how it can be frustrating at times trying to find out if you’re using an OFFICIAL version, below are some key tips to make sure you’re on the right one!

#1. ALL URLs contain at the end of the domain and are viewed over HTTPS!

#2. The username and password you used here at the forums or our GIT server will be the same you’re use to log into the application, login screen URL will start with

#3. Our version has a number scheme of 9.3. followed by 2 digits.

#4. We don’t use a sickbeard.db file for our application’s database.

#5. Our logo no longer has a shark in it, ours is a shield with SR in it.

#6. Our Synology package is hosted on our own server

Of course if after all that and you still are unsure you can always ask on our forums and someone will be glad to help answer you’re questions :slight_smile:

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