How long should sickrage take to start? - login issues

I’ve just installed this on my server in Docker using the sickrage docker container - it’s also on a private network as i’m using the jwilder nginx proxy container and the jrcs letsencrypt nginx proxy helper container so I can map a custom subdomain to the web interface.

I can’t ever get to the home page for the server - it appears to start fine, no errors in the logs, i’m prompted to log in via sickrage auth (if I use an incognito window), but then I get kicked to a 502 bad gateway page. I also get a 504 gateway timeout on a totally different machine that’s never authenticated via the sickrage auth.

I guess I’m probably doing something wrong somewhere, but I get the same problems if I run this container on the host network and just try to access it via the 8081 port.

I will confess that i’ve deleted and recreated the container 6-7 times, so I don’t know if my user account is locked because i’ve tried to validate multiple containers? I’ve deleted the config folder between each container creation, so that might be the case, I guess.

Or perhaps I’m just being impatient and it needs to index my current files? I have about 1.2TB of TV files in plex already and I set up the container creation line to map the sickrage tv folder to this one.

Any help or pointers to a setup process would really help. Thanks!

are you able to reach ?

Yes - but it’s occurred to me as I read the setup guides that I’m going too fast and I’m going to either a) break stuff in my setup or b) inadvertently expose my config / server to the Internet. I’m going to step back, take a bit of time to understand what I’m setting up, then get back to this.

thanks for getting back to me, though!

yes, always take your time getting things going, the auth server is enabled by default to help protect you well you figure the setup out as well :slight_smile: