Home screen ep. progress status

Suddenly the progress bar of each show on the home page seems to show the total episode count including the ignored episodes. Was there perhaps a change that I’m not aware of?

AFAIK this used to include everything (wanted, skipped etc…) except the ignored episodes. For example, there are total of 10 episodes and 5 of those are ignored, 5 are not downloaded. The old progress bar would show 0/5 and the new one seems to show 0/10.

What I’m trying to achieve here is to have a quick overview of the show and see if it’s “up to date” or not. For example, 5 out of 10 episodes downloaded and 5 ignored would mean 10/10 meaning there’s nothing to download anymore.

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I’ve seen that too, and would like to achieve the same as you.

I think it’s a bug, and hope this will be fixed soon.