GUI not loading, service shows paused

I’m having the same issue as before…

I deleted server_status.mako from the program folder and restarted, and that didn’t fix it this time. Under services, it shows the service as being paused, and when I try to resume/restart the service, it says it cannot start the service. Any ideas? Running SR on windows 10 PC.

OK, for whatever reason the was not latest version due to a CI/CD issue in our release pipeline, I’ve manually pushed the new to our S3 repo, please download from

Can I do this and it’ll just update what it needs to and keep my database and settings in tact for SR?

Nevermind… it was just a simple update. I’m back up and running. Thanks so much!

had again much problems with starting sickrage, and updating… tried this download and looks prommissing for the update, but still i have tO manualy execute the sickrage py file in the folder, again and again, so it stoprs running

If you can install teamviewer and send me you’re ID and password from it via private message I can try and resolve this