Fresh install not working after reinstall of windows 10

I am at a serious loss here. Please help me.

I had to reinstall my operating system. I did not get a chance to backup my library, as there was malware on my system that prevented me from opening certain websites, and this was one of them. I saved the sickrage folder from my old install prior to erasing everything.

I downloaded python 3.7, and python 2.7.

I launched the installer, and it asked for the installation folder. Once I gave it that, the command line shows up, and I see pip doing its thing downloading lots of stuff. Then, text appears in yellow that disappears too fast to read, and it kicks me back to the dialog box asking me to choose the install folder for python 3. I choose the folder again, and it just loops back and doesn’t go anywhere. I can’t install sickrage on this new system yet.

Any tips?

I would try installing Python 3.8, if that doesn’t work I can teamviewer on to take a further look.

alright, I got it to install.

It asked me like 3-4 times in a row what the python 3 folder was. I thought it was looping but apparently if I entered it enough times it would complete and it did.

The sickrage service is not running though, says there is error 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure.

Am I correct in assuming this is because I entered the wrong password for my computer username when I installed it? If so, where do I go to change that information, or do I just wipe and reinstall?

you can go into services.msc and then edit the sickrage service and change the login info from there :wink: