Frequently freezing / corrupting on Synology


I’ve been using Sickrage for a month now, and experience a few issues.
Sickrage is often no longer responding. When I try to access the URL I get a timeout.
The only way to access the URL then is by stopping and starting sickrage from the Synology.

Sometimes after stopping and starting, sickrage will become corrupt and I will have to re-install.
Is this a known issue, and how can I help to resolve this?

I used the last version of sickrage, and only use the NZB function.
Synology 1515+

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I can certainly look into it, are you able to confirm if it’s just the config being corrupted or is it the database ?

Not sure, I re-installed SickRage a hour ago. If it does the same behavior, I’ll provide you with an update. It usually happens a few times per day.

First time it happened, sickrage wouldn’t start up anymore after shutting it down.
Today I couldn’t add tv shows anymore. Probably because it froze up after it was adding a new show and then stopped.

Native package install or docker ?

And could you also clarify the version of SR you are running please ?