Field path in tv shoes main screen


I would like to find the display of the path as in previous versions (activable in “Filter columns” for those who do not want it). I used this function a lot to see if my renommages were good or not…

A photoshop example :wink:

and if it is possible to check the “Episode name - %EN” field to pass the cell in orange if the names are different with case sensitive and accented


I can certainly bring back filenames to show in the columns as requested, however the other part I do not fully understand what you are asking.

I would like to see if I renamed the episode from this screen

some news about this request ?

echel0n, have you some infos about this request ?

OK, been awhile since I last checked in on this, are you wanting the filename field to be highlighted a different color if its able to be renamed ?

yes, it"ll be more easy and faster with a different color :wink: