Feature please multi locations

starting to get this working and loving it!

only issue i have 2 NAS getting a 3rd and some of my TV shows are on multiple NAS plex doesnt care as the are eg A:\TV show and B:\TV Show but sickrage only “see” some of the show if i add an existing show as i can only add 1 Path is it possible to add the ability to have multiple locations but one “save” default? ie the show is here AND here but you can save to here??

You can add multiple paths, not sure why you think you are not able to ?

Can you add multiple locations for the same show? I have for example modern family season 1 to 5 on nas 1 and 5 to current on nas 2…

I’m sure from a viewing only perspective that’s fairly easy to do but keep in mind SR needs to properly process videos downloaded as well, not sure how it would be possible to direct which location the processed files would go to without manual intervention.

could you not add “scanning” locations - but it still uses the “default” save folder/“main” folder you select?