Error with auto-detecting quality shows


i have an issue with auto-detecting quality of some tv shows, in my exemple, “The Mandolorian” habe benne downloaded in UHD 4K but Sickarge detecte pisode in SD quality and I have this issue with several files, all my TV Shows are in 1080p or 4K but sometime, there are detected in SD and i don’t know why…


Can you provide filenames before they are renamed so I can see what its comparing against please

I have again the case today, the file name before renaming



Got a new VR set over the weekend as a gift so decided to take a little downtime over the weekend to play some games, I’ll need to update the regex’s to match this new quality, what should it be matching as ?


OK, found the issue and fixed it, will be out in the next release.

Pushed fix to develop branch for now …

I assume this is the same issue I was having with this particular show?

Thanks, thanks, thanks (How said thank with 20 caracters ? :smiley: :wink: )